The State Auditor’s Form Entry System, or SAFES, is the secure web application that relief associations and other local government entities use to access, submit, and electronically-sign reporting forms filed with our office. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about SAFES.

Q: I entered the name and contact information of our relief association’s new treasurer into SAFES. Why is the contact information not being displayed?

A: Information for new relief association contacts is not displayed in SAFES until it has been verified by our staff. Feel free to notify us if there are changes awaiting verification.

Q: Why is my phone number or e-mail address not displayed in SAFES? I know that you have the information on file in your records because I receive correspondence from your office.

A: Telephone numbers and e-mail addresses for the work location(s) at which you conduct city or relief association business are public, and we will display them in SAFES if we can confirm that they meet these criteria.

Q: I am a certified public accountant working with a relief association. Why do I not have access to the relief association’s reporting forms when I log into SAFES?

A: SAFES access for accountants, auditors, and other consultants who work with relief associations must be renewed annually. This security precaution is in place because relief association reporting forms accessed through SAFES contain not-public member data. Submit a completed User Authorization Form to renew SAFES access for the calendar year.

Q: How can I obtain a new SAFES password?

A: You can obtain a new password by clicking here.

Published last in the April 2016 Pension Newsletter