OSA Careers

Community With Purpose

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As a group, we care about our community. The State Auditor's Office regularly holds fun events for special causes like food drives, toy drives, and the state’s annual Combined Charities Campaign.

Stewardship With Integrity

Working in the public service sector is rewarding and allows you to make a difference.  We provide the highest level of professional independence and are dedicated to serving the public with our audit oversight while assisting local governments with recommendations for improvements. 

As auditors, we perform procedures to evaluate amounts and disclosures in financial statements and the appropriateness of accounting policies and estimates used by management in order to report on whether the financial statements are fairly stated.  Audited financial statements are used by bond rating agencies, grantor agencies, and the public.  In addition to issuing opinions on financial statements of local governments, we test and report on their compliance with laws, regulations, contracts, and grants.

The Minnesota Office of the State Auditor Audit Division has offices around the state. Our locations are in:

  • St. Paul

  • Duluth

  • Moorhead

  • Rochester

  • Mankato

  • Marshall