CTAS User Manual

The CTAS Manual is illustrated with screenshots and contains step-by-step instructions for many of the procedures in the program.

The Manual is currently only available in electronic form. When printed versions or compact disks (CDs) of the Manual are available, information on ordering bound copies or CDs will be listed on this page.

Download the Full Manual

  • CTAS User Manual (pdf)    Note: This file is very large. We suggest you either download it directly to your computer or download the chapter(s) you need (see below). To download, right-click and select "Save target as..." or "Save Link As...", then select a location on your computer where you want to save the file. You can also save the file once you have opened it.

Download the Manual in Chapters

You can choose to view/download only the chapter(s) you need. The CTAS program is organized into Modules: the chapters of the User Manual are organized to follow that structure.

Getting Started

Accounting Module

Payroll Module

Investment Module

Indebtedness Module

Program Support