2023 TIF County Administrators Training

This webinar was held Tuesday, July 25, 2023

This training is designed to help county staff better understand the county’s roles and responsibilities as it relates to Tax Increment Financing (TIF). This session offers information on the county’s ability to respond to proposed TIF districts, certification of new/modified districts, decertification, administrative responsibilities, and reporting requirements. This training complements the OSA County TIF Guide.


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0:02:59 - Responding to Proposed TIF Districts

0:25:59 - Certification of New/ Modified TIF Districts

0:53:18 - TIF District Decertification

1:04:24 - Annual County Responsibilities

1:35:34 - County Reporting

1:45:27 - TIF Resources


Presentation slides

TIF Resources

MMB Remittance Form


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