When Does an Authority Need to File Annual TIF Reports?

We are frequently asked when authorities are required to start filing Annual TIF Reports for each of their TIF district(s), and when the requirement ends.

The TIF Act provides that authorities must start filing annual reports with the Office of the State Auditor (OSA) for the year in which the original net tax capacity of the TIF district was certified by the county auditor. The annual report must be submitted on or before August 1 of the next year (e.g. If the district was certified in 2022 the first annual report will be due by August 1, 2023).

The authority must continue to file annual reports for the TIF district until a report identifies that both of the following events have occurred:

  1. The district is decertified, AND
  2. All tax increment revenue has been expended or returned to the county auditor.
    Note: Generally we look to see that no assets remain on the balance sheet before determining that reporting is no longer required. It is common for tax increment or assets to remain after decertification and for reporting to continue.

Upon the decertification of a district, the authority must complete part A of the Confirmation of Decertified TIF District Form and send it to the county auditor to sign Part B. Then the completed form should be submitted to the OSA via email, fax, or mail. If the district has been decertified before its required decertification date, the OSA also requests a copy of the resolution to decertify the district.

If you have any questions, please contact us at TIF@osa.state.mn.us. If you are looking for additional information about Annual Reporting, please refer to the Instructions for Completing TIF Annual Reporting Form.

Last referenced May 19, 2023 in the State Auditor's E-Update