Timely TIF Plan Filing Avoids Problems

Many requests for certification of new TIF districts occur in June and July given the June 30/July 1 cutoff for determining the base year. As such it is a good time to be mindful of being timely in filing TIF plans with the Sate.

The TIF Act requires authorities to file a copy of all new and modified TIF plans with the OSA and the Commissioner of Revenue within 60 days after the latest of:

1. The filing of the request for certification of the district;

2. Approval of the plan by the municipality; or

3. Adoption of the plan by the authority.

Authorities should be sure to use the current version of the TIF plan forms that can be downloaded via the State Auditor Form Entry System (SAFES) and should be sure to file new and modified TIF plans within the required time frame.

The filing of the TIF plan with the OSA triggers the generation of the annual reporting form for the district. Failure to submit timely and accurate annual reports can result in suspension of distribution of tax increment.

Plans should be filed via SAFES. If you have questions, please call 651-296-4716 or e-mail us at TIF@osa.state.mn.us.

Last referenced September 7, 2022 in the State Auditor's E-Update