Updated 2023 State Aid Amounts

A list of updated 2023 state aid amounts from the Department of Revenue (DOR) is posted on the Office of the State Auditor (OSA)’s website. The supplemental state aid amounts for about 120 relief associations were reduced slightly to correct for an aid calculation mistake that the DOR identified. It is our understanding that aid amounts for these entities will be adjusted when 2024 state aid is paid, to make up for the 2023 reductions. The reductions affect those relief associations that received 2023 state aid distributions in March 2024.

The supplemental state aid amounts populated in the 2023 FIRE Form and 2024 Schedule Form have been updated to reflect the reductions. Any forms downloaded on or after March 28, 2024, will contain the updated aid amounts. If you have already downloaded your reporting forms there’s no need to download new versions unless you wish to do so. Any adjustments that are needed to state aid amounts reported on forms downloaded prior to the March 28 updates will be made by OSA staff during our review of the reports.

Published last in the March 2024 Pension Newsletter