Keeping SAFES Login Information Secure

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and we wanted to take this opportunity to share a reminder about the importance of keeping your SAFES login information secure.

SAFES is the State Auditor’s Form Entry System, which is the secure web application used to access, submit, and electronically sign reporting forms. Because relief association reporting forms posted in SAFES contain member data classified as nonpublic under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, relief associations must take steps to protect this data. Here are steps all relief association trustees should take:

  • Store your SAFES login information in a secure location. Never share it.
  • When new officers are elected, the relief association should contact Pension Division staff to obtain a new SAFES account for the new officer.
  • Make sure that the email account used to receive the SAFES password and other account confirmations is only accessible by the individual associated with the account. Do not use shared relief association email accounts.

In addition to these steps, relief associations should consider using a password manager, which is a secure tool for storing, organizing, and protecting passwords. There are many low and no-cost password managers available for download. A simple search for “password managers” will provide internet articles that provide reviews and recommendations. Be sure to conduct your own due diligence to choose a password manager best suited for your relief association’s needs.

Published last in the October 2023 Pension Newsletter