Fire State Aid Reporting (FA-1)

Form FA-1 must be submitted to the Minnesota Department of Revenue (DOR) by March 15, 2024, to avoid a reduction in fire state aid. The form is signed by the municipal clerk, and can be found on the DOR website. Contact information for DOR staff and a list of forms received by the DOR are also posted on that site.

Submission of the information is required for communities to be eligible for 2024 fire state aid. Ten percent of a community’s fire state aid is forfeited for each week or fraction of a week that the FA-1 Form is submitted past the March 15 due date. (Note the increased penalty amount for late reporting that went into effect this year.)

Form FA-1 can be completed online on the DOR website. A Fire Service Areas report is also posted at the above link, with information on the documentation that the DOR needs to confirm any fire department service area changes. Instructions for completing the form and a list of forms received by the DOR are also provided.

Published last in the February 2024 Pension Newsletter