Deposit of State Aid

As state aid distributions will be made soon to many cities and towns, for payment to their affiliated relief associations, we want to remind you of the statutory requirement for timely deposit of the aid amounts.

The municipal treasurer is required by statute to transmit fire state aid and supplemental state aid to the treasurer of the affiliated relief association within 30 days after receipt if there is a relief association organized and the association has filed a financial report with the municipality.

If the relief association has not filed a financial report with the municipality, the municipal treasurer shall delay transmission of the fire state aid to the relief association until the complete financial report is filed.

The FIRE Form that must be signed annually by the municipal clerk and be submitted to the OSA may be used as the financial report referred to in this statutory provision. Upon receipt, the relief association treasurer should be sure that the fire state aid is promptly deposited into the relief association’s special fund.

Published last in the September 2023 Pension Newsletter