2020 Fire and Supplemental State Aid Amounts

The Office of the State Auditor (OSA) is pleased to announce that nearly 75 percent of volunteer fire relief associations and other pension plans met all reporting requirements to be certified as eligible for the Department of Revenue to determine their qualification for 2020 fire and supplemental state aid in the first round of aid disbursements. Both state aid distributions will occur on or about October 1 for those plans certified by the OSA and deemed by the Department of Revenue as qualified to receive state aid.

A list of the 2020 fire and supplemental state aid amounts will be posted on the OSA’s website. 

The second certification deadline for fire and supplemental state aid is November 1. To be certified as eligible for receipt of state aid in the second round of payments, a relief association must have submitted all required reporting information to the OSA with enough time for the OSA to complete its review and for all issues identified by the OSA to have been satisfactorily resolved by the relief association before November 1.

Published last in the September 2020 Pension Newsletter