Auditor Blaha Presents Crop Art Piece Celebrating One-Year Anniversary of Minnesota’s First Vaccine to Minnesota Department of Health - December 15, 2021

Auditor crop art
Contact: Donald McFarland | 651-236-0494

Saint Paul, MN – Today, State Auditor Julie Blaha presented her crop art piece celebrating the one-year anniversary of the first COVID-19 vaccine in Minnesota to the staff at the Minnesota Department of Health. Deputy Commissioner Margaret Kelly and Assistant Commissioner Dan Huff received the piece on behalf of the MDH staff.

“All evidence points to this: COVID-19 vaccines are saving lives,” said Auditor Blaha. “We want to thank everyone at MDH for their tireless work in getting Minnesotans vaccinated. This an appreciation of their hard work.”

“Tens of thousands of seeds make a crop art piece and delivering the vaccine to Minnesotans has taken tens of thousands of actions,” added Blaha. “Every seed makes a difference in crop art and every vaccine has made a difference to Minnesota.”

Auditor Blaha’s crop art piece celebrating the first vaccine in Minnesota won a third place ribbon in the special occasion category at the 2021 Minnesota State Fair.