Press Release: Minnesotans' Discipline is Paying Off


For Immediate Release

April 17, 2020


Donald McFarland | 651-236-0494

Saint Paul, MN - “Minnesotans’ discipline in fulfilling the Stay at Home Order is paying off,” said Minnesota State Auditor Julie Blaha to explain why she will be voting yes on Executive Order 20-38 at this afternoon’s Executive Council meeting. Governor Walz’s Executive Order 20-38 modifies Minnesota’s Stay at Home order to allow for safe outdoor recreation.

“The data shows our Stay at Home order is effective in slowing the virus and that Minnesotans are among the best at social distancing,” Blaha said. “Together, that data demonstrates Minnesotans can take this next step safely."

Auditor Blaha went on to describe a less obvious effect of the order.

“How this action affects our data will give us important clues into how to safely reopen Minnesota. Once the effects of loosening restrictions on recreation show up in our data, we will have a clearer picture of how changes to the Stay at Home order impact the course of COVID-19.”

Lastly Blaha thanked the Governor for his incremental approach. “As pressure mounts for simple solutions and abrupt changes, it is good to see leadership that calls for calm, measured action.”

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay on track.



The Office of the State Auditor is the constitutional office that oversees nearly $40 billion in local government finances for Minnesota taxpayers. The Office of the State Auditor helps to ensure financial integrity and accountability in local government financial activities. Julie Blaha is Minnesota’s 19th State Auditor. Follow us on Twitter @MNStateAuditor.