Press Release: Course Corrections, Fixes, and Updates are Indicators of Vigilance


For Immediate Release

April 24, 2020


Donald McFarland | 651-236-0494

Saint Paul, MN - Today's Executive Orders remind Minnesotans of the importance of using the best available data and first-hand information. The Executive Council will meet this afternoon and Auditor Blaha plans to vote yes on:

  • Executive Order 20-40 easing Stay at Home restrictions for some manufacturing and office work settings
  • Executive Order 20-41 extending distance learning for students through the end of the school year
  • Executive Order 20-42 ensuring that emergency economic relief does not prevent eligibility for essential human services programs
  • Executive Order 20-43 allowing shareholders flexibility to hold remote meetings and avoid group meetings

Auditor Blaha explained, “These orders demonstrate the level of detailed planning and ongoing refinement needed to respond to the coronavirus pandemic effectively. In the coming months, we will all need to ensure our solutions don’t lead to unintended consequences.”

“We will need to be humble enough to take new paths based on the data and science,” Blaha continued. “I urge Minnesotans to continue to communicate with elected officials at all levels so we have the first-hand information we need to refine our actions. Expect regular changes in response to the data and your experience. Course corrections, fixes, and updates are indicators of vigilance.”



The Office of the State Auditor is the constitutional office that oversees nearly $40 billion in local government finances for Minnesota taxpayers. The Office of the State Auditor helps to ensure financial integrity and accountability in local government financial activities. Julie Blaha is Minnesota’s 19th State Auditor. Follow us on Twitter @MNStateAuditor.