State Auditor Julie Blaha releases the 2021 City and Town Accounting System (CTAS) Update - January 13, 2021

Contact: Donald McFarland | 651-236-0494

Saint Paul, MN – State Auditor Julie Blaha has released the 2021 update for the Small City and Town Accounting System (CTAS). “We listened to CTAS users across the state and as a result, this update is packed with new features and fixes,” said Auditor Blaha.

“I want to thank our local government partners, including the Minnesota Association of Townships, who tested and provided feedback on the update,” Blaha continued.

“This program is designed to assist small local governments in maintaining their financial records and facilitating reporting to our Office,” Auditor Blaha added. “CTAS is a great example of what can be done when State and local governments work together.”

Each year, the Office of the State Auditor releases a CTAS update based on input from local governments to improve the program and stay current with changes in laws and regulations. This year, the CTAS 2021 version includes a number of fixes and feature requests. CTAS 2021 includes updates in the Accounting, Payroll, Indebtedness, Investment, Reports and Administrative Modules.

CTAS 2021 highlights include:


  • Updated prompt reminding users to back up data if not done in the last 30 days

Accounting Module: Receipts, Claims, Disbursements, Cash, and Chart of Accounts

  • Updated ability to use the backspace key in the Fund, Account, Object Code and Program Code columns of the Account Distribution section
  • Added ability to print higher value checks
  • Updated Funds included in the Cash balance
  • Added option to include account descriptions
  • Updated account wizard button display to assist in creating new CTAS accounts

Payroll Module

  • 2021 Federal and State Tax Withholding Tables now included in update
  • Updated ability to add/edit account distribution percentages
  • Updated State Tax Table import procedure
  • Updated CTAS allowing account distribution to be saved if not equal to 1 (100%)
  • Added ability to enter a negative figure in tax adjustment boxes
  • Added ability to enter negative figures in Cafeteria plan Employee share column

Indebtedness Module

  • Updated content in delete button box
  • Maturity date now required when creating debt

Investments Module

  • Updated Investment list tab search by feature for “Not Sold” investments

Reports Module

  • Updated the Unemployment report when payroll date is the first of the month
  • Updated the calculation for Schedule 5 Cash Flows from Capital and Related Financing Activities
  • Added subtotals to Statement of Orders Issued Report (Schedule 9)

Coming in CTAS 2022 will be updates to the Internal Revenue Service 1099 Forms. It will include the ability to print 1099 information to the 1099-MISC (Miscellaneous Income) and 1099-NEC (Nonemployee Compensation) Forms. CTAS 2021 currently allows entities to view the 1099 reports and transfer the information to the form.

The Office of the State Auditor collaborated with representatives of small cities and townships to develop and distribute CTAS. The OSA’s website has a CTAS webpage containing numerous resources and information. Please refer to our website for CTAS information.

To view the CTAS webpage, click here.