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8:00 AM - GASB Update

Robert Reese, Senior Project Manager at the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) – This session will address GASB pronouncements that are effective soon. This session will highlight GASB statements issued or effective this year and their impacts on accounting and financial reporting for state and local governments. Also will discuss significant current projects in the works at the GASB.

10:15 AM - Legal Compliance Update

David Kenney, JD, Assistant Legal Counsel, OSA, and Mark Kerr, JD, Director of Special Investigations, Assistant Legal Counsel, OSA – David and Mark will discuss recent changes to and legal issues arising under Minnesota and Federal laws that impact political subdivisions. They will emphasize timely compliance issues and updates to the Minnesota Legal Compliance Audit Guide for Political Subdivisions.

11:10 AM - Other Post-Employment Benefits and GASB 74/75 Actuarial Valuations

Jill Urdahl, FSA, EA, MAAA, Hildi Inc. – This session will highlight the changes arising from the new OPEB accounting standards and the impact on actuarial valuation and financial reporting. The session will look at some of the potential implementation issues of the new standards.

1:00 PM - CyberSAFE

Tom Keen, Applications Instructor, Microsoft Certified Trainer – This seminar's topics include:

  • Identifying the Need for Security;
  • Maintaining the physical security of devices;
  • Using passwords for security;
  • Protecting your data;
  • Identifying and mitigating malware;
  • Using wireless devices securely;
  • Browsing the web safely; and
  • Using email securely.

3:30 PM – Ethics

Professor David Schultz, Hamline University - What does it mean to act ethically? Are the ethics of the workplace the same as your personal ethics? Some balance must exist between the two, yet they shouldn't be completely divided nor collapsed into one. Being a good manager or leader is more than simply being a good person, but personal character does matter and it is the building block of ethical conduct in the marketplace. In this program, we will discuss how to merge work and personal values to create an ethical environment.

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