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This issue was fixed in CTAS version 8.1.0


If a user chooses to manually enter or modify the FICA or Medicare rates in the tax tables, the rates will change to 1 or 0 if a number greater than 1 or less than zero is entered, respectfully. The rates should not be greater than 1 for less than zero but a user may make a mistake when entering but not notice the mistake.

Temporary Solution

Users can import tax tables from the OSA’s website by clicking the “Import from OSA Website” button. This is the easiest and most accurate way to update the tax tables. Users can also download a tax table file and import it by clicking the “Import from file” button. This method may be best for users who need to go to the local library or a friend for Internet access. If neither of the previous options are practical, users can manually enter the rates but should double check their work before using the tax tables.

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