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Current Forms

Current Online Reporting Forms (links to SAFES)

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Notification to Broker and Certification - Volunteer Fire Relief Associations [BC-1] (pdf, 30k)

Notification to Broker and Certification - St. Paul Teachers' Retirement Fund Associations [BC-2] (pdf, 584k)

Notification to Broker and Certification - Paid Police & Fire Public Pension Plans [BC-3] (pdf, 20k)

Investment Business Recipient Disclosure (pdf, 8k)

Statement of Economic Interest (pdf, 34k)

Certified Listing of Individuals Who Filed a Statement of Economic Interest (pdf, 125k)

Secretary of State Annual Corporate Registration (link connects to external website)

Current Form Instructions

2015 FIRE Form (FIRE-15) Instructions (pdf, 335k)

2016 Schedule Form (SC) Instructions (pdf, 216k)

2015 Schedule Form (SC) Instructions (pdf, 201k)

2015 Maximum Benefit Worksheet (MBW-15) Instructions (pdf, 176k)

Resources for Completing Forms

Key Reporting Requirements (updated December, 2015) (pdf, 30k)

Reporting Checklist for Volunteer Fire Relief Associations (includes SAFES User Authorization Form) (pdf, 341k)

Pension Division Contacts

Helpful Contact Information for Volunteer Fire Relief Associations (updated December, 2015) (pdf, 204k)

Overview of Fire Relief Association Resources Available on Office of the State Auditor Website (pdf, 236k)

Other Resources

Pension Documents

Pension Newsletters

Pension Newsletter Index

Volunteer Fire Relief Association Working Group

Fire Relief Association Frequently Asked Questions

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